Duet Wheelchair Bicycle

The Duet® is a unique combination of a comfortable wheelchair and a sturdy specialty bike that combined offer an enjoyable and extremely stable ride for passenger and rider. The passenger is always visible and in front of you!


The wheelchair and bike can be disconnected and separated in a blink of an eye. This allows you to cycle to the shops or the park, or to visit family and friends and then you simply disconnect the wheelchair and continue your journey ‘on foot’.


The whole family can go on a bike ride together. Inclusion is a big word and with The DUET there truly is inclusion with children or adults who will never be able to ride a bike on their own or are able to keep up with their siblings.

The DUET accommodates kids and adults from ages 2 to 99+ and all sizes from 20 to 275 pounds!  DUET offers maximum maneuverability with minimum effort. The wheelchair's low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability.

Gears: 8-speed internal Shimano 

Brakes: dual drum brakes front/rear coaster brake

Parking brake: engage on handlebar

Backrest:adjustable with 3 recline positions

Footrest: swings open for transfer.Height adjustable, angle adjustable

Bike seat: gel seat cushioned; adjustable seat

Light system: front and rear; battery operated

Headrest: adjustable

The DUET accommodates passenger height up to 6'8"

The DUET is available in 3 models which are:
The Basic, Plus, and Electro.



All Duet models include these basic standard features:

Standard Features

  • 26" x 1.75" Wheels and tires

  • Alloy Luggage Rack

  • Suspension Bike Seat

  • 90mm Twin Drum Brakes on Wheelchair

  • Wheelchair Parking Brake

  • Adjustable & Removable Footrest Plate

  • Adjustable Lap Belt

  • Adjustable Handlebars

  • Removable and Washable Seat Upholstery
    (Royal Blue Only)

  • Folding Seat with 3 Position Seat Angle

  • Chain Guard

  • Coaster Brakes

  • On-Board Tools for Headrest and Footrest Adjustments

  • Quick release locking mechanism to disconnect wheelchair from bicycle

  • Wheelchair and bicycle can be separated

  • The quick release coupling system

Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem fun for children and adults.  Get outside and enjoy a bike ride with your loved ones.  The whole family will enjoy this adaptable bicycle.

The Duet - Models

The DUET Basic

In addition to the above standard features The DUET Basic Includes:

  • Shimano Nexus 8 Speed Hub

  • Yellow Wheelchair Seat

  • Yellow Footrest

  • Blue Bike Frame Only

The DUET Plus

In addition to the above standard features The DUET Plus Includes:

  • Shimano Nexus 8 Speed Hub

  • 26” Puncture Resistant Tires

  • LED Lighting / Front and Rear

  • Adjustable Headrest

  • 4 Point “H” Style Harness with Lap Belt

  • Wheelchair Spoke Covers

  • Bike Stand

  • Tools Set, Bike Lock, On-board Tire Pump

  • Yellow Wheelchair Seat

  • Yellow Footrest

  • Choice of Frame: Red or Blue

* This picture of the Duet Plus is pictured with removable armrests and hand shields which are optional accessories and are not included in the standard Duet Plus package. Please see the accessories pages for available options.

The DUET Electro

In addition to the above standard features The DUET Electro Includes:

  • Shimano 7 Speed Chain Derailleur

  • 250W Heinzmann Motor with Torque Sensor

  • Pedal assist (motor turns on when pressure on pedals)

  • 36 V, 11 Ah Li-Ion battery (life app. 600 charging cycles)

  • 2 years warranty on all electrical components

  • Rear Coaster V-brakes

  • 110v automatic battery charger

  • 26” Puncture Resistant Tires

  • LED Lighting / Front and Rear

  • Adjustable Headrest

  • 4 Point “H” Style Harness with Lap Belt

  • Wheelchair Spoke Covers

  • Bike Stand

  • Tools Set, Bike Lock, On-board Tire Pump

  • Suspension Bike Seat

  • Yellow Wheelchair Seat

  • Yellow Footrest

  • Silver Bike Frame Only

A good indication on how the "pedal assist motor" works is to imagine someone pushing you from behind while riding. A stronger push with a higher motor setting.


The motor settings HI-MED-LO have nothing to do with your actual "speed" but your top speed will be reached rather quickly.

Picture yourself in a parking garage and the ramps going up to different floors in the garage. Without the motor it would be very difficult to ride up those ramps whereas the DUET Electro manages these ramps as if there were no ramps at all!


The same applies to strong headwinds because of the large profile of The DUET pedaling in high winds can be a very difficult task.

Duet Electro Pedal Assist


Transporting the Duet is quick and easy!

For transportation in a i.e.:SUV it is necessary to disconnect the bike from the wheelchair. The onboard tools are used to loosen the handlebar and to lower it. The footrest pins are simply pulled out and the footrest is removed if more space is necessary. 

Duet Accessories 

Duet Smart Solutions

Duet Technical Data


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Duet Electro Motor

Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem Electro Pedal Assist. Needing a little help from an E-bike. The Duet Electro is the way to go. Have a hilly area. The Duet Electro is the way to go!