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New products 

Kari Stroller

Diaz wheelchair bicycle

Duet transparente
Duet transparente
Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem - Duet Pl

The Duet® is a unique combination of a comfortable wheelchair for children and adults and a sturdy specialty bike that combined offer an enjoyable and extremely stable ride for passenger and rider.

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JOSI jogger and bike trailer is the only foldable version of its kind available and offers an adjustable suspension with shock absorbers. 


JOSI is manufactured in Germany and uses the best materials available. The JOSI company has a background in seating and positioning.


With JOSI the passenger sits more upright and higher off the ground, this makes transferring very easy especially for larger and heavier passengers. 

JOSI offers great seating elements and lateral supports in different sizes. Also a variety of different standard and custom colors.


Available in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE sizes. 

*NEW: 40 degree recline + all terrain wheels

benecykl transparent.PNG
benecykl transparent.PNG
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Benecykl is a great entry model jogger and bike trailer. It is a great product for anyone seeking to enjoy the outdoors together and budget is and issue.  


Benecykl was the first of its kind jogger and bike trailer and has been around the longest of any jogger and bike trailer.

Benecykl is able to recline as much as 45 degrees allowing passengers with extreme seating requirements to be comfortable and properly positioned.


If you are a casual runner and the occasional bike rider then the Benecykl is the right product for you and your loved ones keeping budget in mind. 


Benecykl offers many accessory item included with each of their joggers/trailer.


Available in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE sizes. 

Orion transparent
Orion transparent
Orion Twin Tandem.png

Passengers with simple balance issues or a variety of special needs issues, from vision impaired to stroke patients, children and adults with CP and autism or anyone suffering from MS just to name a few can all benefit from using the ORION. 

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