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Duet Seat Options

Our current DUET Seating for DUET PLUS and DUET Electro
Seat belt
Padded seat cushion (washable)
Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem Standard Plus and Electro Seat
3 Recline positions

Over the years we heard many of our customers asking for improved seating options for the DUET. The standard DUET seating options are not functional for involved children and adults. Many children or adults require much more support to fully enjoy The DUET with comfort and safety.

We found the perfect solution from the JOSI company who specializes in seating design and manufacturing.

We are adding the  JOSI adjustable seating system to the DUET. This is a new option and it can grow with your child from early age to adulthood.


The Duet cushion is still available in addition to the thigh harness and calf / foot strap. You may order only individual parts as well.   3 different sizes and 2 different cushion patterns to choose from. 


Please note that the cushion material does not absorb a great amount of heat from sun exposure even though the color is black and the material is not waterproof.

JOSI Stroller Seating
Size 1: 6.5"-9"
Back pad + lateral width:
Size 2: 9.5"-12.5"
Size 3: 12.5"-16.5"
Seat cushion anatomically formed with abductor 
Cushion patterns

Duet with Josi Seat

Step 1: Insert the cushion
Step 2: Attach the lateral supports and headrest
Size Small: 6.5"-9" lateral width
Size Medium: 9.5"- 12.5" lateral width
Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem Smart Solutions Cushions - Custom Seating for the Duet Wheelchair Bicycle
Size Large: 12.5"-16.5" lateral width


Duet Power Kit