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Jogging Strollers & Bicycle Trailers

* Each stroller has its own website. Click in the link below for more information

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We offer the best adaptive strollers and bicycle trailers available. All of our strollers are manufactured in Europe. All models can easily convert to a bicycle trailer.


The main product differences are seating positioning requirements, ease of transferring passengers, necessary tilt and recline, adjustable back support, suspension, transportability, accessories and budget,. Please compare all the strollers to see which one works best for your family.


During your decision making consider that the passenger height is more important  than passenger weight.  Also if the passenger is able to sit upright or needs to be tilted.

Please check it each website linked bellow for more details and videos. 

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Josi is made in Germany. Between all the strollers this is the only  folding version! Josi is a folding stroller with suspension (more comfort), seating and positioning with highest cost.


Josi offers the best seating with adjustable lateral supports, headrest and seat cushion, the passengers sits up straighter and higher off the ground for easier transferring.

Backrest angle 20 degrees (fixed) recline only for upper torso / head and neck.


Available in 3 sizes: Small (up to 4' and 187 lb), Medium (up to 4'8" and 187 lb) and Large (up to 5'9" and 187 lb).

Customized colors (delivery time 3-4 weeks).

The bicycle bar and swivel front wheel are optional. Cargo bike option available for passengers riding in front instead of getting pulled from behind.

Josi jogging stroller
Josi jogging stroller

Medium size up to 5'2" passenger. Add back extension of 4".

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Josi Manual Bike
Josi Manual Bike

Josi Bike

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Josi skis
Josi skis

Ski set comes with 3 skis

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Josi jogging stroller
Josi jogging stroller

Medium size up to 5'2" passenger. Add back extension of 4".

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  • Powder coated aluminum frame;

  • ​Padded 5 point safety harness;​

  • Padded armrests;

  • Tilt bar;

  • Canopy with top window;

  • Adjustable handlebar with metal clamps;

  • 20" rear wheels with drum brakes (rubber tires);

  • Cambered wheels;

  • Separate hand brakes;

  • 12.5' front jogging set (does not swivel);

  • Adjustable foot bench;

  • Adjustable suspension shock absorbers;

  • Adjustable center of gravity;

  • Adjustable up back seat (15 degrees)

  • Adjustable push handles.

  • 40 degree back angle

  • Back extension 4";

  • Back extension canopy XL;

  • 7" swivel wheel instead of jogging set;

  • 7" swivel wheel additiona;

  • Frog legs swivel wheel;

  • Custom colors;

  • 3 different headrests with velcro pads and lateral support;

  • Back pad plus lateral width in 3 sizes available;

  • Seat cushion anatomically formed with abductor;

  • Knee roll;

  • Large rear bag;

  • Beach wheels;

  • Spoke cover;

  • Bicycle set quick release;

  • Raincover;

  • Mosquito net;

  • Skis & winter pouch

  • Manual bike (for Small and Medium Josi)

  • Cargo bike option (for Large Josi)

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Josi Measurements 

Josi Measurements .png
josi dimensions.jpg
benecykl transparent.PNG
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Available in 3 sizes: Baby (up to 4' and 90lb), Junior (up to 5'3" and 140lb) and Max (up to 6'2" and 170lb)


Made in Czech Republic by special need people, for special need people.


Available in RED/BLUE

Adjustable seating positioning angling the front wheel or bicycle bar (when attached to the bicycle)


Customized sizes (wider/tandem)

More accessories included than the other strollers (Bicycle bar, jogging and swivel wheel, bags are included)

Does not fold. Rigid frame. Quick release wheels and foldable handlebar.

More options for winter (Skis/tow set)

Benecykl bicycle trailer
Benecykl bicycle trailer

Junior size connected to a bicycle.

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Benecykl Jogging stroller
Benecykl Jogging stroller

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Benecykl  ski & tow set
Benecykl ski & tow set

Harness to pull and skis

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Benecykl bicycle trailer
Benecykl bicycle trailer

Junior size connected to a bicycle.

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  • Powder coated aluminum frame;

  • ​Chest fixation;​

  • Headrest;

  • Lateral support;

  • Padded seating;

  • Canopy and mosquito net;

  • 20" rear wheels (rubber) with drum brakes;

  • Cambered wheels;

  • Adjustable push handles with hand brake;

  • 6" front swivel wheel;

  • 12.5' front jogging set (rubber);

  • Bicycle set with fender plus 2x bicycle adapters;

  • Jogger pouch (small utility bag);

  • Small backpack;

  • Rain cover

  • Wheel bag

  • Flag and pole

  • Winter pouch with zipper (S, M and L);

  • Skis:

  1. Sledge set and tow set with harness;​

  2. Tow set with harness;

  3. Sledge set (3 skis only for front and back wheels)

  • Large rear bag;

  • Hand bag with shoulder strap;

  • Front utility bag (left/right);

  • Transport bag (Baby, Junior and Max);

  • Kayak wheels (beach wheels);

  • Side hand protection.

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